Introduction of ICAM


Founded in 1968, ICAM CO. LTD turns 45 in 2012. This is the rare production which has been producing scientific films. Especially we are filming faithfully live microscopic world. The first film “The Beginning of Life”  became the center of public attention worldwide as same time of publishing as the first record of the birth of life. At the time, Time-Life, Paris-Match, Spiegel and such magazines of various countries carried some photographs from the film and praised. Since then, we have been making over 1000 titles films of life science and medical science and winning many prizes in International Film Festivals.

  Also the films for children’s education are evaluated. We have been  making  “Dr.Bio’s Science Picture Book” series, the exhibition “Body Adventure” in Itabashi Education and Science Museum and some exhibitions and images for National Science Museum, Bio Research Hall.

  Since several years ago, we are publishing our films as the DVD-Books to sale widely for general people.


  <We hope create the century when life are resonant in each other>

  We, ICAM CO., Ltd. wish to present the warmth and the beauty of life, and to create new discovery and impression to people.


◆Introduction of Jun-ichiro TAKEDA


1939 born in Morioka, Iwate prefecture, Japan

1962 starts to microscopic filming in Tokyo Cinema

1968 establishes Cine-Science Co., Ltd, as president

1992 company’s name change to ICAM CO., Ltd

1994   honor boarding member of Leonard awards International        Science Film Festival in Parma

2006    the chairman of directors, ICAM CO., Ltd


■Masterpiece of Jun-ichiro TAKEDA

1968 Probing the Secrets of the Stomach

1970  Intestinal Villi and Bacteria

1970            The Beginning of Life

1971  Beating heart

1973  Host and Parasite part I

1975  Host and Parasite part II

1975  History of the Rat Inscribed in the Chromosomes

1976  From Egg to Human Baby

1977  Man and Medicine

1978  the wonder of hole

1982  Man

1985  Cellular Space (Scientific Expo of Tsukuba)

1988  Pavilion for the Healthy Earth (Expo about future of Gifu)

1990  Medicine

1995  Blood Vessel : The Carrier of Life

1996  Pneumococcal Pneumonia

2001  Cosmic Dance

2003  (Exhibition and Images) “Body Adventure” in Itabashi Education and Science Museum

2006  (Exhibition and Images) “ Laboratory of Dr.Kitanomaru’s Bio Medicine “ in Science and Technology Museum

2009  Spacetime Cube Monade 01 Breath

2010  Spacetime Cube Monade 02 Digestion

2011  The Beginning of Symbiosis